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Top 8 Review Plugins for WordPress with Schema Markup 2022

Online reviews have become one of the biggest monopolies of the modern technology era. The number of review sites has grown exponentially, but there is no way to distinguish between legitimate and illegitimate reviews at any given time. Even sites like Amazon are full of reviews from paid people. A discount or a special offer to leave a simple—and preferably good—review about your service is pretty hard to resist. This is the kind of strategy businesses have started to employ in recent years.

Online reviews are probably the best source of business for any online entrepreneur. Nothing beats a good customer review that embraces the full and personal experience of the user giving the review. Embracing your online reviews is also an important part of the success of a business. Knowing how to react and respond to certain reviews is crucial.

The following review plugins for WordPress allow you to integrate, organize, publish, and respond to online reviews and testimonials directly from your customers. This is except for a select few that integrate reviews from third-party sites. Some plugins allow you to become a reviewer yourself. They offer features that let you review products, businesses, and things like books on your WordPress site. Sometimes, it’s a hassle to put together good-looking review posts without a previously built template. If you have an idea for a WordPress website but don’t know how to create one, you might want to read our detailed WordPress website setup guide.


Wiremo is a customer review plugin that provides spaces for customer feedback. It works for physical products and services websites and is connected through social media on Facebook, Twitter, and G+. It has two versions, that is, with basic and enhanced features. Overall, both versions provide 24/7 custom support. For the layout, you can scroll down a one-page design.

Wiremo also uses free widgets and a powerful dashboard to display all information. Posts can be seen as lists of items to click on. You get a banner set of images or even publicity! This plugin connects more with clients and features blogs, FAQs, and custom review posts. It is user-friendly with free and constant updates. It is also fast and responsive, thanks to its SEO integration. This makes it cross-browser-compatible and adaptable to all screens, too.

You have the option to get a free trial. Try any of its versions, and if you like the basic, go advanced for $9.99 a month.

Book Blogger

Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin for WordPress

Book Blogger is a review plugin for book readers. If you’re an avid book reader that writes book reviews, try upgrading your book review software. The Book Blogger plugin is a simple review platform. It offers custom prebuilt fields for reviews that will blow your audience away. You can easily curate essential information about the books you are reviewing. For heavy readers, there is an option to review multiple books simultaneously. With features like automatic data fetching from Google Books and Goodreads, you will be saving a lot of time.

You can further extend Book Blogger with widgets, such as a social media follower box. Also, you can display the kind of books you are reading at any given moment or list your recent reviews. If you want to one-up yourself, you can always display the number of books you read within 365 days!

Site Reviews

site reviews wordpress plugin
You know that adding reviews to your website can benefit your overall business tremendously. Reviews and testimonials build trust in potential customers and might be the last bit of information they need to contact you or make a purchase. Of course, if they are positive. To simplify adding reviews to your page, Site Reviews is the WordPress plugin that will take care of it. It allows your users to submit their reviews accompanied by a 5-star rating system.

Core features of Site Reviews are pagination, support for Asian languages, comprehensive documentation, and configurable widgets. There is also Google’s reCAPTCHA on the submission form to prevent spam. It will take you little time to make the review plugin go live on your website.

WP Customer Reviews

wp customer reviews wordpress plugin
Regardless of the type of business you run, you can implement reviews and share with the world what amazing experience your clients and customers had to work with you or purchasing from you. Whether it is a service, software or product, with WP Customer Reviews, you can introduce both customer testimonials and product/software reviews. What’s cool about this WordPress review plugin is that you get to decide which review you would like to display and which to skip. This way, you can avoid adding negative comments which may harm your business.

The tool’s goodies are full customization, compatibility with WordPress Multisite and caching plugins, spam protection, and shortcodes. For your information, WP Customer Reviews is lightning fast, making sure not to slow down your website, keeping the outstanding performance intact.

Google Reviews Widget

google reviews widget wordpress plugin
As the name suggests, Google Reviews Widget is a simple to use review plugin for WordPress that adds Google Business Reviews to your page. Moreover, it is a widget, so you can easily add it to your web space’s sidebar or even other locations. A neat function of Google Reviews Widget is that it stores all the Google Reviews that you import in the WordPress database. This way, the reviews are live regardless of what is happening with Google.

Google Reviews Widget is a free plugin for WordPress, but it is also a premium for you to unlock even more features. The plugin is SEO-friendly, allows you to trim longer reviews with a read more button and show up to five Google Business reviews per location. It is also compatible with light and dark themes, mobile devices and modern web browsers.

WP Review

wp review wordpress plugin
WP Review is a convenient review plugin for WordPress that will save you time and energy when creating new content. If you are a blogger or run a review website, this plugin helps you put together reviews for products and services. You can add a star rating, percentage, or point rating along with the in-depth text. Additionally, WP Review is fully translatable to use with any language you want.

WP Review delivers two different box templates that you can customize further out of the box. From basic to modern, it is up to you how you would like reviews to appear on your website. Moreover, the layout is responsive and flexible, supports unlimited colors, and fully congruent with caching plugins and a bigger part of all modern WordPress themes. If you would like to start releasing a new type of content, WP Review is a tool that will get you going.

Facebook Reviews

fb reviews widget wordpress plugin
If you would like to add Facebook reviews to your website, we have a plugin. And the installation and activation processes are so simple, anyone can do it. On top of that, Facebook Reviews plugin is free of charge and available just a click away. Bear in mind, to make it work, you need to have admin rights of the Facebook page for the plugin to pull out the reviews. Also, it works with the Facebook Graph API. When all is set, you will see Facebook reviews appear on your page almost instantly.

Other features of the Facebook Reviews extension are pagination, shows reviews per location and even trims longer texts with the read more button. It is also in tune with most modern themes for smooth integration.

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

customer reviews for woocommerce
When running an online store on WooCommerce, you want to add customer reviews to boost sales. With social proof via reviews, you can build trust and raise your potential of winning over more customers. Thanks to Customer Reviews for WooCommerce, you can now introduce reviews to your eCommerce website. Not just that, everyone who maks a purchase, this review plugin for WordPress/WooCommerce will encourage them to leave an honest review.

Some other great features and functions come with Customer Reviews for WooCommerce to take to your advantage. Aggregated review form, review for discounts, trust badges, and an option to import reviews are just a few goodies with Customer Reviews for WooCommerce. Avoid leaving money on the table, introduce reviews and see sales go up.

Rich Reviews

rich reviews
By adding reviews to your website, your potential customers can get first-hand information from existing buyers, but search engines also learn more about the quality of your products and services. Rich Reviews is a free WordPress review plugin that helps you get the review thing sorted out on your website. Even if you are running marketing campaigns and using landing pages, Rich Reviews’ shortcode quickly introduces the necessary reviews to build customer trust.

Rich Reviews features three types of reviews: category-based and global per page or post. You, as the admin, also have complete control over which reviews you would like to add and which to exclude. After all, you do not want to use poor reviews; instead, focus mainly on the positive ones. Moreover, Rich Reviews also comes with a review schema that triggers Google and other search engines to display ratings.

Reviews and Rating

google business reviews rating
If you have a Google Business account with tons of positive reviews and ratings, wouldn’t it be awesome to display those on your official website? Thanks to Reviews and Rating, you can now include them without a sweat. This WordPress reviews and ratings plugin does all the hard work for you. After all, you only need your unique ID to copy and paste to the plugin and that’s pretty much all the necessary work. The plugin also urges your new customers to leave a Google Business review.

Reviews and Rating features are shortcode, widget, 28 designs, live preview, amazing customization functions, and an option to show and hide reviews. The layout of the reviews will also be mobile-ready, working flawlessly on all popular devices.

Recencio Book Reviews

recencio book reviews wordpress plugin
There are loads of review websites out there, and reviewing books is surely a popular niche. If you are an avid reader or run a food blog where you would also like to review some cookbooks, Recencio Book Reviews is the plugin for you. Of course, when it comes to reviews, the mentioned are just an example. There are also tons of different niches and industries that this extension works with flawlessly.

What’s more, Recencio Book Reviews can also earn you money by adding your affiliate links. Other plugin functions are custom post for reviews, fetch book details automatically via ISBN (or add manually), 5-star rating, and five different widget types. Additionally, readers can also leave a comment on your review and rate it accordingly. Recencio Book Reviews is translatable and GDPR compliant, too.

Easy Testimonials

WordPress › Easy Testimonials « WordPress Plugins

Easy Testimonials’ users enjoy the extensive list of testimonial features that lighten up the business experience for business owners and customers. It is an easy-to-use plugin that allows users to add testimonials to the sidebar as a widget or embed them into a page or post using a shortcode. It also allows you to insert a list of all testimonials or output a random testimonial. Easy Testimonials allow you to include an image with each testimonial. This is a great feature for adding a photo of the testimonial author.

Handsome Testimonials

WordPress - Handsome Testimonials - WordPress Plugins

The thing with many WordPress plugins is that sometimes it’s not about the functionality of each plugin, but rather the way it looks on our own choice of themes. The Handsome Testimonials plugin offers a more sleek option for displaying reviews and testimonials on your site by offering a range of modern and design-optimized review box choices. Use the testimonial generator to get real-time previews of the kind of testimonials you want to display on your website.

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