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5 Best WooCommerce Product Filters of 2022

When you start with the WooCommerce business, the first thing you need to consider is the quality and functionality of your website. You want to make sure that your potential clients can scroll throughout the pages and choose the products they want to purchase. WooCommerce product filter plugin is a necessity because it makes everything easier for the customer. It lets them find the item according to their needs and specifications. They can look at different categories consecutively.

That’s why when it comes to online business, you have to keep in mind the convenience of your consumers more than anything else. The goal is to attract customers and keep them longer on your website. Of course, only a few people would know what kind of items they are looking for at first glance. Having this product filter can assist them in knowing exactly what they need.

Don’t miss out on the good opportunities coming within with these product filters we’re going to show you. You can choose a specific plugin that will work best on your website. We will present the important details and features to help with your online business.

WOOF – Products Filter for WooCommerce

Responsive WooCommerce Product FIlter

This plugin allows your clients to narrow their searches by filtering the product name by custom taxonomies, price, product tags, attributes, and categories. It allows them to choose the best category for the item they need.

It comes with flexible settings management, which you can edit and change. You may also work on the filters you can put on your product page. Some features include the shortcode and widget style to display this plugin on your site. Moreover, you can choose from the radio buttons in drop-down, multi-dropdown, drop-down, and checkbox.

This plugin comes with AJAX searching, making it possible for your visitors to filter WooCommerce products without reloading the page. Although it works on different WordPress themes with a 95% success rate, there might still be a problem with some WP theme functionalities.

This plugin has dynamic products recount wherein users can see the relevant variants once they type certain product items. Another feature is the Filter WooCommerce products by MetaData. It comes with special functionalities found on the plugin setting page. Which means you can add metadata on the search flow.

You can select the drop-down ranges of prices once the customers type it on the search box. Thankfully, that makes anything easier for your potential clients, especially if they only have a specific budget for a certain product.

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YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter

Simple WooCommerce Product FIlter

This plugin has a product filter widget allowing you to display the variation, allowing your visitors to choose from the categories you edited on the setting’s page. You can choose the colors, categories, taxonomies, and prices for your dropdown lists.

Thankfully, you can finally help your customers find the best items they need matching their budget. You can easily make this one in the quickest and most intuitive ways. It improves your WooCommerce website in many ways, improving its quality and usability urging more people to come to your shop.

There are 4 different layouts available to filter out your products. These are List, Dropdown, Color, and Label. You can choose from these 4 to create enticing categories. You may also use the WooCommerce Ajax Reset Filter widget to reset all applied filters.

This basic plugin version has the important things you need to get started with product filters. However, you might still opt for the premium version for more advanced functionalities.

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Themify – WooCommerce Product Filter

Easy-To-Use WooCommerce Product Filter

Shopping online can be daunting at times, especially if you scroll through hundreds and thousands of items on a website. To make things easier and organized, the product filter will take place. It helps visitors sift through the pages by clicking on the specific categories they need to find the product they need.

One unique thing about this plugin is the live search results, where it displays the product instantly on the page without leaving. You can easily filter your items by tags, attributes, range, categories, and price. Moreover, you can combine different filters with helping your users narrow down their searches. It refines their searches and saves their time.

The four features are the vertical or horizontal layout, multiple filter combinations, drag-and-drop form builder, and the live search results.

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Product Finder

Functional WooCommerce Product Filter

This plugin comes with detailed advanced search protocols allowing more visitors to have smoother navigation on your website. Also, it lets the users choose and combine two or more of categories to find the items quickly. It allows them to search for the products easily, and make sales eventually at the same time.

With this plugin, you can display your product filter by choosing four different layouts. There are the widget, shortcode, template tag, and action hook. With the widget layout, just go to the widget section and place it on the page of your choice.

When it comes to the shortcode, you can copy the code, then paste it on the page you desire. On the other hand, the template tag allows the display of the Product Finder depending on the settings panel’s options. Lastly, the Action Hook only displays options’ genre, size, and color attributes.

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Classic WooCommerce Product FIlter

When it comes to WooCommerce, the product filter is a must. Without it, your visitors might leave without purchasing anything. This plugin allows your customers to search for the product most conveniently. What makes it unique is the Live Search, wherein the possible results displayed on the page along with the images and price information.

The Live Filter feature of this plugin allows them to narrow down their searches. Once the customers search according to keywords, prices, or other categories, it shows updated results. At last, your visitors can enjoy shopping most easily.

More than the product filter, it also comes with other professional features to improve the user’s experience and the admin experience. If you want to see the most viewed and searched products, you can look at it in the Search Statistics graph. It will help you improve your products and the product filters you are using.  

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Each of the plugins mentioned above has its advantages. These WooCommerce Product Filters will make anything easier. It may also help you boost your sales, earn more visitors, and gain more repeat buyers. The choice is up to you.

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